Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last night I was washing dishes at 1AM and I heard a knock on my front door. I looked thru the peep hole and saw a 70 year old lady in curlers and a bath robe (my kind of lady). I opened the door and she immediately went into a monologue about how my loud walking kept her up "almost every other night!" (I thought that was random that she said "every-other" rather than "every" night but whatever)

She was so worked up that it made me start to laugh. She said "what's so funny BIG FOOT?!" I realized I was being a jackass and said "Nothing. I'm so sorry I'll try to be more quiet."

She gave me a dirty look and walked away. When I closed the door I realized she called me BIG FOOT!

Apparently my loud tree truck legs carry more sound than I realized. So if anyone is still looking for BIG FOOT just send them my way.

p.s. I really shouldn't have laughed in front of her- it's rude to laugh at people who are so close to death.



tocaya said...

LOL, I have big feet, and my friends always tease me about it, so I know how it feels to be called that...
But still, old people are highly impatient on every level, so she was probably exaggerating

Celia said...

how to know if u or anyone u know is a bigfoot, or u had a bigfoot antecesor:
-obviusly, u have a huge huge feet (size 9 or even u made special handmade shoes)
-when people sees ur feet, they think u are a hobbit coming back from mordor
-the rest of u have a hairy body, and people used to think u are chewbacca's relative
-you have yeti and nessy's contact details
- u kind of love Homer Simpson

If u said yes to it all, u are definetly a big foot
if u answered mostly affirmative,don't worry, ur crazy old neighbour will not sell ur body to science, but maybe u are just the missing link

Natazzz said...

p.s. I really shouldn't have laughed in front of her- it's rude to laugh at people who are so close to death.


I am always surprised at how worked up people can get over little things like that. It's not like you are stomping around your apartment just to piss them off...

Nurse W said...

Thought process:
Big Foot to Saskwatch
to "what is that monster's name in the clay animation version of Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer" to 'that elf was a dentist'

Next time she complains about your 'big feet' (you know what they say about women and big feet *hint hint nudge nudge) just tell her that Big Foot is having sex with Saskwatch and Ogopogo and noises like that just can't be controlled.