Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Official!

It's is official I am the LUCKIEST woman in the WORLD! Andrea Meyerson from All Out Films is hosting the first ever Cambria Women's Weekend from October 23-26. That alone is awesome and I can't wait to attend. But...it gets better... Andrea asked me to perform and open for VICKI SHAW!!! I'm losing my mind over this. Vicki is a huge inspiration for me- I love her and feel blessed to be in the same room with her let alone get to touch the same microphone that she will be touching. I'm sure I'll cry when I see her so come out in October ladies and laugh and cry with me.

dreams really do come true... :)

I'll also be taping a few Brunch with Bridget's while I'm there so bring your pjs along.

Here is a link to the event:http://www.womenonaroll.com/cambria/index.htm

Here's the link to purchase tickets: http://www.womenonaroll.com/cambria/events.htm



Paula said...

Hi Bridget, just saw ur post and wanted to congratulate you. It's so nice to see things like this happening for someone that is working really hard to achieve their dream. I've watched ur vlogs and some youtube videos. You are very talented and ur charisma is huge! Keep up with the good work and for sure u r one of those that will "make it", that's very clear from an outsider point of view. So take a deep breath, do your thing and enjoy every second... cause It seems like its gonna be a sweet ride!

Natazzz said...