Sunday, March 9, 2008


Let me preface this blog by saying I haven't slept in 2 whole days. I have been in Reno/Tahoe shooting something for Afterellen with Karman my partner in crime. Last night Karman and I stayed at speciality woman's lodge that had private cabins. We were housed in the Kate Hepburn Cabin complete with portraits, books and movies of the famous actress.

At midnight I finally laid my head on my pillow when I felt a presence in my bedroom. I shook it off and fell asleep. In less than 1 hour I had 5 nightmares where I was being suffocated by ghostly spirits telling me to leave the cabin. Finally I woke myself up screaming, I'm not sure what was real and what wasn't but Karman and I hightailed it out of there at 12:45am and drive back to Reno and have been chilling in the airport ever since. Luckily the Reno airport offers free WIFI (hence this blog)

I just want to send a message out to the ghostly Ms. Hepburn who apparently is rolling over in her grave and haunting a cabin in Tahoe.

Dear Kate,

You're a fucking bitch!


p.s. I hated ON GOLDEN POND!

p.s.s. Karman said if we had stayed in the Ingrid Bergman cabin everything would have been okay.



Jadey said...

Aww poor Bridget, damn you Hepburn *shakes fists* Sleeping in airports sucks too, rather there than a haunted cabin though i think...

tocaya said...

lol, I know, haunted cabins suck!
I once had to sleep in the madrid airport, and I know it's not very nice or comfortable, so I feel for you!

Nurse W said...

That is really creepy, did Karman have nightmares too?
Very odd for Kate Hepburn to haunt a cabin, you'd think she'd have more interesting things to do like reenact the African Queen with Bogart in the Bayou.

Nurse W said...

P.S. I also hated On Golden Pond

Natazzz said...