Sunday, April 27, 2008


This week on BWB I play with my buddy and the LWord's DD, ELIZABETH KEENER! Keener is a nut job which is why I love her. She brought more props that Carrot Top and felt the need to take her pants off- who am I to judge?





Suzanna said...


I recognized the shoes right away and wondered if you were going to mention anything about them. And I like the little dramatic story you made up to go with your shoes. Hiking, death, shoe store... lovely. : )

Fepita said...

Hallo Miss Bridget,

I really enjoyed this week bwb. I guess mainly because it remained me and also because it felt a little bit like an ordinary get together with any my best friends), I felt as if I was part of it, all the reactions the conversation and in general every little thing that happened on this week blog was so familiar that allowed me to enjoyed it in a very peculiar way, (a very excellent reunion between a couple of friends, where inhibition just disappear)
You and Miss Keener being in the magnificent state known as “agustez” (it’s kind of being really, really happy) , just make me feel better about the fact that this weekend I couldn’t go out with my friends, to enjoy ourselves. Anyway thanks for the good time, because even if this sound kind of creepy, it was really as if I was part of it, just hanging out with you girls (I think I just missed my friends a lot over this weekend, damn you exhaustion of homework and classes), but this week bwb felt so familiar, anyways thanks for 50 minutes of educational fun, and interesting conversation.

Sorry for the long comment, but I really couldn’t help myself this time.
Thanks again for the great bwb, I will have a reason to smile and laugh during the stressful classes of this week remembering all the great moments that we all wetness seeing your video blog!!!.

Hope you have a great week.

Thinker-Thought said...

Just have to say - Love the Curls!

Yvo said...

Bridget + Elizabeth K. = sooo funny.
Great chemistry. It was a chapter in the one that was obvious the friendship.
And a lot of luck on May 3 in the Women's Night and certainly for Jill and Cathy.

Bridget + Elizabeth K.= super divertido.
Gran quimica. Fue un capítulo en el que se notaba la amistad.
Y mucha suerte el 3 de mayo en el Women's Night y por supuesto para Jill y Cathy.


MK1709 said...

Excellent vlog, Bridget. And yes, I was talking to the screen when you all were wondering if we were there or not.

Claudia said...

I think this is the first BWB, where your guest out-speaks you... I mean, Keener talked far more than you, heheh, it was funny as hell...
And oh yeah, I love the curls, too!!

GótiKa said...

you should have keener on the vlog on a regular basis. co host maybe? =X