Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I think I'm allergic to my air conditioner.

Seriously I think I'm allergic to my air conditioner.


I cleaned the dust out of my AC, yet every time I turn it on I sneeze endlessly.

So I have a choice: either sneeze to death or boil to death in the California heat.
(ok I'm being dramatic. I can't boil to death without water)

I'm going to sleep in my air conditioned car tonight. If you walk by my car tonight please don't knock on my windows to wake me up- that's just mean spirited.



Fepita said...

Maybe you should incorporate to the international movement known has “SWC” (sleeping without clothes), there’re millions of people already trying it. Well at least me and everyone I know, or you can just sleep on the floor, it’s always a good option if you’re looking for a fresh place to sleep, even when it sounds a little strange it’s in my opinion a very good alternative, or take a good cold shower before going to bed.
These are some things that we do normally before going to bed, or stay with my dog outside on the yard where it isn’t exactly fresh, and where the sky is threating us with rain but at least a little bit of air will be better than being without any AC.

Hope you find a way to survive the heat, (or another really crazy idea, take a really hot drink, my father is from the coast where is really hot, and people usually drink hot coffee to refresh them selves, i guess this is maybe because you sweat a lot, but if you’re not into that don’t try it)

Good luck with everything, sorry for the long comment.

TheWeyrd1 said...

You might be allergic to dust. And you might need a new filter for the AC. I use a portable evaporative cooler rather than an AC because the water keeps the dust from flying. But in California that might be a bit too humid making. There's always allergy shots...they helped me alot!

himynameisvera said...

maybe its the cleener you used...but its not as bad as not knowing that your cat peed on the ac while it was in the garage and finding out after you put it in with a broken leg and two little people

Lisa said...

Get some OTC Zyrtec and chill. It works for allergies. Or Beneadryl but that dries you out and makes you sleepy. I feel like I am the resident medical knowledge base here....Tools of the trade I guess. I notice a lot of California people don't even have AC. That is weird. I work out there frequently and have noticed that is the case. At least in nothern Cali. I usually am in southern during the cooler months it seems....I am used to 100 degrees with 100% humidity in the summer so I love it there. Enough seriousness I guess....Sleep Naked!