Thursday, May 1, 2008


Every year around this time, the American men's magazines issue their annual "hot lists," which often feature women who leave us scratching our heads. (Lindsay Lohan? Paris Hilton?) So AfterEllen has their own Hot 100 list. Please click the below link and vote.

My vote is for Baby Bridget.




TheWeyrd1 said...

Okay...Baby Bridget...cute no...gets the hot women...yes...will straight men understand It's a tie, but I say the Hot 100 Women need to be of the human

MK1709 said...

I voted baby Sarah, but only because I like chicks... Alright, so that was a bad joke, I actually voted for a few of your fellow vloggers and for Baby Bridgets mum... :)

meroz said...

i rated you as number one on my list.. and that was before i even saw this blog entry..

i just adore you..

have a great day honey!