Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No More Sex Chats with Grandma

The Oxygen Network announced Sue Johanson's "Talk Sex" show has been cancelled. If you have never seen this show before then you have greatly missed out because it's amazing!!!! (And by amazing I mean educational and creepy since the 77 year old Canadian nurse looks like Old Mother Hubbard) I mean I'd still hit-it and quit-it but I'd have to close my eyes the whole time- well maybe just towards the end.

Sue says, "I'm going to miss playing with sex toys." We will miss her playing with toys too.

Dear Sue,
Whenever the wind blows and I have a butt-plug in my "hand" I'll think of you.





Nurse W said...

That is so sad! I used to watch her show in jr. high/high school, we weren't supposed to watch it but it was the talk of the school. It was so entertaining, especially with some of the people who called in. Yay for Canadian Nurse power! You see, we DO make a difference.

Natazzz said...


TweakyV said...

My sister used to watch sex talk all the time when she was babysitting me.....and i ended up being that creepy, perverted little 12 year-old who knew wwaaaayyyy too much about sextoys.