Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Questions for the Universe

I have two very important questions for the Universe:

#1 Can one eat TOO much caesar salad?

#2 Why am I covered in mosquito bites? I thought Los Angeles didn't have mosquitos!


meroz said...

two answers:

1) hell yes!

2) i bet you just taste really good,the poor guys (or should i say girls) just cant help it!

if i was a mosquito i'd definitely try to bite you, in a good way i mean.. :)

MK1709 said...

First question: I have no idea, but my guess is yes

The second one: because the only mosquitos that bite are all female, and, um, they might be lesbians, or at leat drawn to them (I have the same problem...)

MK1709 said...

(I was gonna say least not leat... just so that's clear)

Lo Snow said...

too much caesar salad? never. ha.

and about the mosquito thing...sorry u are all covered in bug bites. I didn't know that LA wasn't supposed to have bug bites to begin with. My bad. haha.

TheWeyrd1 said...

You can only eat too much Caesar Salad if you don't like it. Or it's wilty.

mega said...

The answer to both your questions is: 42!

You're welcome :)