Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello my favorite myspace peeps. This Friday, June 27, is the release of WANTED, starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. I went to the LA premiere last week and though I had seen pieces of the movie while it was being edited I hadn't seen the finalized film until that night. The film is bloody at times so get ready to close your eyes (especially in the scene when James gets tied to a chair) :-)

My itty bitty part as James' grocery store check out girl got cut, which I'm fine with. So in the finalized movie there is 1 long shot of me scanning peanut butter in a montage towards the end of the film (mmm...I love peanut butter) and then a shot of the back of my head (damn my hair looks good on film). Hopefully no one is going the film to see me (not that they would) because if they blink they will miss my big film debut.

Working for 2 1/2 years from start to finish on this film was exhilarating. All the cast and crew were spectacular.

It was bittersweet when the credits rolled in the theater and it was finally all over. For those of you that go and see the film I hope you enjoy it, I know I did.




Jadey said...

hmmm I so wasn't going to see you that film just for you.....
*Looks Shifty*
Ok i so was, but still, hopefully when the dvd comes out, you'll be in the deleted scenes *fingers crossed*

Bubblehead Nurse said...
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Hadasee said...


Collins said...

i am totally making a point to see this film because you worked on it and are in it (even if it is for a blink of an eye). gotta support our girl!

Claudia said...

ohhh it's a shame u got cut!! but hey, it's gonna be released on my birthday, yay!! I'm still going to see that peanut butter montage ;)

Loucritia13 said...

I'm gonna see the movie just for
you and I promise, I'm not gonna
blink at all! :-)

And start auditioning for your
second movie immediately! Try Drama!
The best drama actros are the comedians! ;-)

Hadasee said...

ps i love how you call him james

Jen said...

You scaned peanut butter, that's sexy. I love peanut butter. A movie with you and peanut butter, I gotta see this movie.
I was going to see the movie anyway I love women action films. Having you in it with peanut butter is a spectacular bonus.
Oh yeah and I think that you may be an awsome comedian too, just may be. :)

SunLFrog said...

Just got home from seeing it. The 5 seconds of you were like a short breather of "hey, that's Bridget!" in the middle of the rest of the action which was non stop and amazing. Now you just deserve to get a speaking role that doesn't get cut.

startattoo said...

Cannot wait to see it!!!

Lo Snow said...

so i just went and saw Wanted tonight. Your 2 second long clip made the whole thing worth it! Great scanning action by the way.

Vinson said...

I just saw Wanted. You were awesome no matter how much they cut you out. I hope they make a Director's Cut with your entire scene in it!

guesswho said...

saw wanted, missed your part must of blinked. lol. now I feel cheated, I want my money back. lol

its cool on IMDB they have you on the credits, Bridget McManus --- Checkout Girl.