Sunday, July 13, 2008

Target will NOT lie to you.

I was in Target (the best store in the entire WORLD) shopping for a scale. I couldn't find it anywhere therefore I bottomed and asked for assistance. I approached a young male wearing a red Target tee shirt and asked "Excuse me. Do you work here?"

He replied, "Yes, but not in the appliance department so I can't help you and I don't want to lie to you."

I said, "Thank you. I appreciate not being lied to." And then he walked away as if we had a normal interaction.

Is it just me or was that ODD? Do department stores usually lie to their customers?

Thank you Target, thank you for your honesty!



Alisha said...

I love Target too but...

People lie to us? Oh my!!! So sad but so unfortunately true.

Jessi said...

I used to work at Target and you are lucky that he didn't lie to you.

People used to always ask me things as a cashier that I would never know and we would send customers every which way.

We definately lied. lol

pyewacket said...

I guess you do most of your shopping online, because HELL YEAH the people working in the retail stores lie to the customer ALL THE TIME!

The retail employees (not all but many) will basically tell the customer anything so the customer will go away and not bother them any more.

You are lucky the guy told the truth even though he was not helpful.

I would love to hear them tell me, "I don't know but I will ask and find out"...or even "I don't know"...instead of making up some nonsense.

But with all of that said, my nephew works for Target and he is one of the good ones. He actually likes to work the register and deal with the customers. He will not only honestly say he doesn't know, he will point the customer in the direction of someone who works there who can help the customer.

That used to be the norm in any business but now it is the except and I practically want to have their baby when they actually help me find the item I am looking for.

Oh and they lie at hospitals too. My mom works at a local hospital and some of the staff there will say anything too.

startattoo said...

Just shows that there are still some honest people in this world.

Julia said...

today at was at a tool store (yes, I know what you're thinking) and I also had to bottom and ask a guy for help

and he didn't lie to me, i purchased the things i needed :)

Artcore said...

the employees of target are also unbelievable dumb, as can be seen in this video ^^