Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ocean's Eleven

I just caught the end of the film Ocean's Eleven (the remake with George Clooney and Brad Pitt) and I'm so annoyed that I don't even feel like writing the full explanation of the movie so if you have already seen this film then I'm targeting you ONLY.

In Ocean's Eleven Julia Roberts is the only female character and she is torn between two men, George Clooney and Andy Garcia. I myself (if I was straight) would have liked Brad Pitt in the mix because I find him harmless and effeminant

Anyway, at the end of the film, in less than 1 minute Julia Roberts decides to dump Andy Garcia and then become magically in love with George Clooney. Yes in 1 minute while walking angrily out the front doors of the casino Julia decides -Wait! Stop! Of course! I don't love Andy because I NOW love George Clooney!

Why can't Julia Roberts be pissed off at Andy and go home alone? Without a man! Why does she have to immediately replace one guy with another? Can she at least brush her teeth before she makes out with her next boyfriend? I bet Julia's character will be on Jerry Springer next week waiting for the paternity results to find out who her baby's daddy is. My guess is it's Clooney's kid.

Dear Hollywood Screenwriters,

Can you please try harder to develop female characters so women don't come across as mindless douche bags who only hunt for men.




Nicole said...

well, clearly what the screenwriters were OBVIOUSLY doing with this film is showing how women always have a plethora of men to choose from. women are evil and can drop you in a heartbeat. don't be cruel to your women folk, they are evil and conniving. CLEARLY. i know if i was a straight lady i would have a bunch of men i was sleeping with. god. come on, bridget. get with the program. pfff.

movies are stupid. all movies should have zombies. zombies that eat brains. lots and lots of brains. or the real world should have zombies that eat the brains of stupid screenwriters and then write their own screenwriters. yup. in a perfect world.

your rant may make more sense... but i can rant nonetheless.

Natazzz said...

I thought the entire movie sucked, so I'm not particularly bothered by the final few minutes.

Nicole is right, movies are stupid and zombies are awesome.

Perhaps the movie should have ended with Julia Roberts getting her brain eaten by zombies?

Sara said...

i think you're thinking of ocean's 12

TheWeyrd1 said...

I don't watch guy centered movies much anymore...just sayin'...

Fourth Wave Feminism said...

Isn't that just the never-ending trope of Hollywood movies, though? Pull out the "surprise" ending and make the (need I say, token) woman do something irrational and "shocking." This is especially prevalent in action films, where they don't have the time to develop romantic relationships but still feel that they need to have one, so they invent some weird romantic twist that doesn't necessarily make any sense.

But that's just my opinion.

I love "Breakfast with Bridget," by the by. And your blog.

Riot! said...

Hahahaha that's Hollywood for ya, predictable.

Madden said...

But she never stopped being in love with george clooney. they were together before he got caught and sent to jail, and she was just settling for andy.