Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everyone is a comedian

While drinking my chocolate Silk Soymilk I noticed a soy quiz on the back of the carton. I love quizzes!

Question # 1: Which is not a Silk Soy product?

a. Vanilla
b. Banana
c. Chai
d. Plus Fiber

(Answer: "Yes we have no banana)- oh those witty Silk soy quiz writers.

Question # 2: Silk is NOT intended for?

a. Coffee
b. Macaroni and cheese
c. The bath
d. Smoothies

(Answer: "The bath. Although we have heard some stories.") Are the Silk soy quiz writers flirting with me?

Question # 3: Nine out of ten Silk drinkers agree that Silk tastes best:

a. Nice and cold
b. Among friends
c. On weekends
D. All of the Above

(Answer: "D. The tenth guy thinks it taste best in the bath") Oh those Silk soy quiz writers slay me! Way to do a comedic callback to the previous answer. Well done, quiz writers, well done.

silk s3


Brittany said...

Cheers to Silk!
Always remember to shake well & buy often. =D

TheWeyrd1 said...

snicker...too bad I'm allergic to soy.