Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm a big fan of NBC's HEROES and you should be too! One of the show's villains is the evil Syler played by Zachary Quinto. Each week on HEROES Syler hunts and kills all those that have super-powers and each week Syler scares the shit out of me.

Last week I was at the Hollywood Bowl enjoying a relaxing evening of jazz I saw.....SYLER! Ok it was Zachary not Syler. I DO know the difference between real life and make believe but seeing Zachary in his street clothes didn't put me at ease because I knew somewhere inside of Zachary was SYLER! Syler was getting a snack at the concession stand next to me during the intermission before Jamie Cullum took the stage. (I love Jamie Cullum! Jamie was celebrating his 29th birthday and proudly took the stage with a bottle of beer and sang happy birthday to himself. What a talented, modest young man he is!)

I digress. As I ordered my brownie and jalapeno pretzel I glared over at Syler to let him know that I knew who he was and that I was onto him. I'm sure Zachary just thought I was some nutty fan (which I am) but once I saw him, I knew I had to protect the innocent jazz lovers of planet earth...just as soon as Jamie finished singing London Skies.



Nicole said...

dear bridget,

why you so crazy?


Natazzz said...

Awesome...I bet he looks just as creepy IRL.

Hadas said...

ugh remember when syler killed that woman working under the car that had super super hearing powers... i love that show, cant wait until it's back in a few weeks.

pyewacket said...

Zachary Quinto is not-so-very scary in my book. The first thing I ever saw him in was "So Notorious"...playing Tori Spelling's fake friend in her fake reality show. Not so evil back then.

"I DO know the difference between real life and make believe..."

I am still working on that, myself. Got any suggestions?

MISNER said...

Why does everyone run into celebrities but me? I met Monk once but that was an utter disappointment.

Anyway, your blog is cool and you are funny.