Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi guys-

I have good news! Brunch with Bridget will be airing on LOGO!!!!!

Yippeee!!! BWB will air Friday nights at 2AM after the LWord. The first of the new episodes will be Friday, Sept 19.

If you have LOGO please tune in to watch. Thank you all for your support, Baby Bridget and I really appreciate it.

Below is my new BWB promo with my new theme song "I'm Not Listening" by the all girl band, Sick of Sarah. Check them out on ITunes and myspace.


gold-digger said...

congratulations Bridget!...Weng Weng led me to you and now i'm hooked---you're truly a great comedian. Cheers!

aalon2u said...

Is that zebra print and professional graphics? Way to go Bridget, your on your way now! Congrats! said...

Phuck yeah! :)


I'll be putting it on DVR this evening :)

Edilma said...

Awesome! congrats :D

diana said...

Yes! That IS some great news, Bridget! Congrats on this latest will be the best thing going on LOGO now, that's for sure.
Please continue to be as random, silly and awesome as are one of a kind.

Claudia said...

That's awesome Bridget!!! Things are really going great for you, and we're all very happy :)

pyewacket said...

A big and hearty congrats to you, Ms. McManus!

Who do all of those arms, legs and butts belong to? I swear, I am recognizing some cute booty shorts there and a certain set of guns. ;)

Though we don't get Logo yet around these parts...I will be telling my friends living in other parts to check you out.

Well, your show. :P

And I am there a possibility that the BWBs already aired on AE...will they too be aired on Logo...? I ask because then I can bug my friends living in other parts to copy them to DVD for me. :)


Natazzz said...

That's awesome. Congrats!

2 AM?

Edilma said...

I couldn't watch the promo this morning at work but I'm glad I remembered to watch it now :D


That's all I have to say hahahaha.

Elin said...

Unfortunately we don't get logo here in Sweden, but at lest they'll send it on ae (that's what I've heard.
Keep up the awesome work.

AlainAspect said...

Nice job! It's nice to see creativity rewarded! Thanks for the laughter (it's much needed in this world).

Dino said...

Love you, Bridget. Fantastically amazing and funny artiste. I am from Singapore, u definitely won't find anything related to the word'LOGO' anywhere in our country...YES nothing here! No LOGO's logo, no LOGO videos, etc. What am I talking about...haha really wish I could see you in LOGO. All the best, Bridget! Oohh, pls send my regards to Baby Bridget too.