Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi kiddos-
I just got back from Switzerland and while I was away my new show, THE JAM, premiered on PEOPLEJAM.COM

THE JAM is a daily self-help show that is posted on top right corner on Peoplejam's homepage. I host and interview experts to find out the best and easiest ways to improve our lives.

Check it out and log in to to give feedback if you have time.





elle said...

where do you find the time to do all these things... you don't sleep thats it isn't. Either that or you are superhuman..
Anyway i still love you

diana said...

Great news to get a little Bridget every day!

Lezlie Mac said...

Monkey work out...I'm going to try that at home !

Rick said...

i'm work for a company doing some work for PeopleJam. I saw a few of your posts, and have spent quite a bit of time checking out your work (youtube, blogs,etc). really really impressive. keep it up!!

Natazzz said...

I've been watching your shows on PeopleJam.

I'm usually not a big fan of all that self-improvement stuff, but you make it a lot more fun.

Must be quite a change to not be so gay all the time lol. Think you're doing a great job, although I can't help but smirk every time you explain about straight relationships... the "Men are from Mars"
review. Seriously?

Theresa Willson said...

Whoohoo Bridge on!!!!!!!! I watch these all the time too and you do make them more fun. ;)