Thursday, October 2, 2008

Norah Jones is an actress?

I didn't think Norah Jones was an actress and then I saw her performance in My Blueberry Nights and I realized I was right- she's NOT an actress.

Here's are 10 other singers that should NEVER EVER act again:

1 Madonna
2 Huey Lewis
3 Madonna
4 Whitney Houston
5 Madonna
6 Jessica Simpson
7 Madonna
8 Mariah Carey
9 Madonna
10 Britney Spears

p.s. I'm not completely heartless to failures that make an effort so if these actor-wanna-bees really want to get it right then they should take Acting 101 from the AMAZING Dolly Parton.

dolly parton


diana said...

So then not a Madonna fan so much?

Lezlie Mac said...

I think you omitted someone blatantly inept at acting in your list: Madonna...

Jamie said...

You missed kd lang - Eye of the Beholder, Salmonberries, aw heck I forgot,you were looking for bad acting, kd was just being herself....