Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where the HELL is my cell phone?

Right before bed last night I turned my cell phone off. I thought I was being smart by not wasting the phone's batteries while I slept. Of course today I couldn't find my phone anywhere and when I called it all I got was my own delightful message telling ME that I'M not available. When actually, Bridget on Bridget's voicemail doesn't know what she's talking about because I AM available, I just am unreachable.

Today was like a social experiment. It felt very strange to be out of touch from my family, coworkers and friends. Growing up my parents didn't have cell phones but now it seems you can't survive one day without one.

The World has been very quiet today without the constant cell phone ringing or texting buzzes. And that little bit of peace and quiet has made me look at everything in a whole new light. Did you know the sky is blue? Me neither!

Anyway, if you have been trying reach me I'm not blowing off I just have no idea where my damn phone is. I hope I didn't miss any awesome gigs or a call from Oprah. Oprah is not a person who is likely to call more than once when she wants something

p.s. I can't stop listening to Natasha Bedingfield's "Say It Again". It's been lodged in my brain FOREVER!

p.p.s. Maybe Natasha Bedingfield has my cell phone?

p.p.p.s. Why does this keep happening to me?


Bunny (Lou) said...

Wow. You have worse luck with cell phones than my friend, Becky. I'm sorry. Terribly sorry. (are you a horse in Chinese astrology?) all of my "horse" friends have cell phone incidents like this. Maybe it means something. Good luck with this one!

TweakyV said...

Winston could be you're messenger pigeon!
Except, you may not be able to contact Oprah...i heard her flying monkeys are mean to dogs.

r.i.p toto...

Theresa Willson said...

Oh Bridge, Bridge, you poor, poor girl. I hope you are able to find your cell phone. I know, it's like our life lines. They drive us crazy, more when we lose them and can't find them or gets unhooked and people are trying to get in touch with us. It's really quite maddening. That Natasha song you mentioned is nice. It's really quite catchy. Cool tune and the words are saying quite a bit and they are really true and real. Wow!!!!!!! I've always been a fan of Natasha. Good singer. I like her brother too. He's really good too, Daniel Bedingfield. Good luck finding your cell, Bridge. Ciao.

Natazzz said...

Right before bed last night I turned my cell phone off.

How can you not remember where you were right before bed?

Have you looked between the bed and the nightstand? ;-)

TheWeyrd1 said...

Per usual...it always happens to you because the universe is working to provide you with more fun material for your show so that you stay employed in a career you love! Just sayin'...