Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bridget VS. French Onion Dip

Last night I played with the lovely Dawn Denbo and seriously rocked a bowl of french onion dip.

I'm a sucker for dip, dip & chips, dip & nachos, dip & more dip and I have no control.

Therefore I declare yesterday and every December 6th, NATIONAL FRENCH ONION DIP DAY!


p.s. I just saw a commercial for ABC Family's upcoming television movie, SNOW2: Brain Freeze and it looked TERRIBLE!

Watch the kookadook, Denbo, ruin a perfectly nice lesbo fiesta (just like the french onion dip did to me!)


TheWeyrd1 said...

Okay...I'm confused. You PLAYED with Dawn Denbo and rocked a bowl of french onion dip? Does Karman know what you were up to!?! And by the way, did you mean you played with Elizabeth Keener who played Double D??? I'm so confused. I may need to break out some french onion dip and chips and chew on this for awhile...heh.

Emuh said...

DD:I'm Dawn Denbo and this is MY French Onion dip!!!

Lover Cindy: *cough* erm baby...

DD: AND this is my lover Cindy...bringer of MY FRENCH ONION DIP!!