Sunday, December 7, 2008

BRUNCH with Karey Dornetto

Writer-comedian, Karey Dornetto is nice enough to jump in bed with me this week to discuss her work on Arrested Development, South Park and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. But you may know her best in her turn as The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken in her short film, "Hi, I'm Ilene". We also talk ass shaving and have a gross-out-competition.

Click to watch: BRUNCH




Random said...

I hope the double posting isn't going to be standard... Just kidding.

I always enjoy watching Brunch with Bridget - it's amazing what you can get your guests to do :-)

And I kind of liked the "Hi, I'm Ilene" too (I sooo get how the mountain lion is feeling...).

Bronwyn said...

I'm slightly nauseous but very entertained...

Emuh said...

is it just me or does:

"Caviar on a cracker"

sound like a new euphemism we should all be using?