Sunday, December 21, 2008


Happy Sunday! My last new BRUNCH of 2008 was just posted on Afterellen. This week I'm in bed with Bravo's WORKOUT Season 3 vet, Briana Stockton.

Briana shows me the finer points of fitness and even demonstrate some ab and ass-ripping exercises. Who knew jumping rope while wearing a wig could be so challenging?

Briana also shares the benefits of a raw food diet and we sample a delicious green concoction of spinach and bananas....yum yum. Tune in to learn all about Briana's plan to whip all of you unruly, hung over lesbians into shape with her fitness classes this spring at The Dinah!



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TW said...

I am two BWB episodes behind. This one from the parts I did see, looked fun. That health drink looked gross, though. I can't wait to see this one and the one before it with that Lussier woman. You rock Bridget!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays. Hope you get all the happiness, wishes, dreams and everything you want in 2009. Take care.