Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ThunderCats HO!

When I was a kid I was obessed with the HEMAN and ThunderCats cartoons. Below is a faux trailer for ThunderCats the movie staring Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman.


Laura said...

I'm not usually into superhero/comic book movies, but I'm pumped for Thundercats too! They were my favorite cartoon as a kid, next to He-Man and She-Ra, princess of power (shocker, right?). Hell, I was even Orko for Halloween one year.

Theresa Willson said...

Merry Christmas Bridget!!!! This movie looks like it's going to be really really good. Wonder who directed it? Hmmmm..... Hope you have a great holiday and New Year. Good luck and wishing you good things in 2009!!!!!! Ciao. P.S. can't wait for new peoplejam eps. and BWB eps.

Emuh said...

I'd totally watch that film....it already looks a billion times better than Spiderman 3