Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Did anyone else watch ABC's "talent" show REDISCOVERED?
*Note I have quotes around the word talent.

The premise of this Donny & Marie-hosted (are they still alive and why are they still working? How come Cher and Streisand keep retiring and we can't exterminate these Mormon Botox-filled freaks?) depressing show is that five child stars that never "made it" deserve another chance at fame. They get that shot, then four of them get re-rejected by an ABC studio audience.

Here's ABC's write up:
"In "Rediscovered" we'll look back at the original casting tapes of five aspiring child stars. Contestants who have been chosen to be "Rediscovered" include a banquet manager, an insurance marketer, a holistic therapy salesman, a real estate assistant and a building contractor. The chosen few will be flown to Los Angeles with their families to perform live in front of an audience, after which the live studio audience will pick their favorite."

I was so confused watching this trainwreck of a show. Where? What? Who? How?
And then I ended up feeling bad for these exploited wannabes but mostly I felt bad for my talented writer friends that can't get jobs on scripted televisions shows because stupid reality/talentless show like these get made therefore eliminating scripted television shows.


p.s. Ba humbug!


TheWeyrd1 said...

I kinda watched the show...between doing other stuff...I can't help myself, I had a crush on Donnie when I was unaware of my true crush on Marie...sigh. I did pick the winner though!

AlainaD said...

Gawd! I miss the Cosby show too. How come they don't make good tv like that anymore?

Julia said...

Oh my Gawd, I loooove the Cosby Show!! I'm always watching the reruns!!