Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm thoroughly embarrassed by this interview

I just found this interview on from the SAG Awards. E TV commentator, Giuliana DePandi, interviews Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie (Giuliana refers to her as "Angie") and Brad Pitt. I'm so embarrassed by this interview and I want someone to get a big hook and pull Giuliana off the red carpet.

Here's what made me scream:

#1 Giuliana is talking to Kate "Goddess from Above" Winslet and then changes her focus to Brangelina. Giuliana say, "Brad Pitt and know them? That's nice. The crowd goes crazy (for them)."

DEAR Giuliana,



p.s. you're a fucking MORON!

#2 Giuliana says to Angelina, "It must be so much nicer to have your MAN by your side at these things. Because you've done them with your brother and you've done them alone..."

WHAT THE FUCK?!! No Giuliana, it's better to be a lonely loser in the corner than to have Brad Pitt as my guest.

#3 Then Brad comes up (RUN BRAD RUN!) and Giuliana asks, "How has Angelina helped you grow as a man?" Brad passes on that question but Giuliana won't give up and says, "We don't want you to get deep with us but you're kinda like America's favorite couple." That comment totally creeped me out. These people are REAL not story book characters!

How did that dumb bitch get that job? And are they hiring?


Ruby said...

ouch. such a classy interview.
but i enjoy that you read dlisted.
its such a great blog.

Nicole said...

what a frickin' asshole!

pyewacket said...

>> Then Brad comes up (RUN BRAD RUN!) and Giuliana asks, "How has Angelina helped you grow as a man?" <<

I saw that too and right then was when I turned the channel, because if I stayed any longer to hear the answer, I felt I would have had to take a shower afterwards as wash the scum away.

As you say, these are real people and I do not understand why those in the entertainment press do not get that.

I try to avoid the gossip and whatever else you want to call it as much as possible these days. I go out of my way to avoid it.

I think what did it for me was when Angelina's mother was dying (though it was not known at the time) and AJ knew it yet still appeared at a red carpet event. Then next day the press was all over her about how cold and distant Angelina was, etc etc. I don't even know the woman and I suspect she was upset about something...and then soon the news came that her mom has passed away.

The entertainment press people need to get out of the business if they cannot remember that these actors and celebs are people first and to stop treating them like Malibu Barbie and her boyfriend Ken to be posed for their pleasure.

Akaisha said...

Fucking Ryan Seacrest has rubbed off on her.