Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's 1:13AM and I'm watching MAN VS. WILD on the Discovery Channel. For those of you who aren't aware of this fascinating show in each episode the host Bear Grylls, a seasoned adventurer who served with the Special Air Service, strands himself in wilderness destinations and has to find his way back to civilization.

The show is educational and beyond entertaining. Especially, since Bear pees on himself and eats creepy slimy bugs while they are still alive. Poor little bugs, what did they ever do to Bear? Bear can't be his REAL name, can it?

In this episode "Bear" is in Siberia. He just told the audience that it's 30 degrees below zero, in seconds his eyelid can freeze shut and in minutes he could be dead. He advises that if you're in Siberia that you need keep moving if you want to stay alive. So what does Bear do? Well, he finds a dead deer, skins it and goes tobogganing with it's fur obviously! Just another day at the office.

p.s. Now Bear is using a deer leg as a walking stick...sick!



Laura NY said...

Hey Bridget! I'm glad you brought up this show...I just watched it the other night for the first time (while a commercial was showing on the food network. Let it be known that channel flipping between the two is not a good idea). This dude is crazy! He scaled a cliff wall with no harness in the desert, and then proceeded to bite the head off a live lizard! I was grossed out and entranced at the same time! Maybe you could do a brunch w/ bridget camping style, and draw some inspiration from Bear?! Hehe...

Nicole said...

dumb dumb dumb. there's another show called 'survivorman', i'm not sure if it's canadian or not... but it's much better. he is extremely respectful of nature. this bear dude sounds like a jerk.