Saturday, January 3, 2009

Too soon?

I'm currently watching some QVC network and Montel Williams is selling Barack Obama Presidential coins. And if you act now and purchase 10 sets of coins they are going at a bargain rate of $179.95 +'s a historic limited time offer, not available in stores.


Isn't it too soon to release Presidential coins since Obama hasn't even been sworn into office yet? Montel said the coins were released the day before the election..before the election? Maybe Montel Williams is a time traveler and rigged the election so his coin sales would sky rocket!

If I was a time traveler I would go back to Nazi Germany and shoot Hilter in the head and then sell dead Hilter coins for a whopping $1.00 + wheat toast with veggie cream cheese.


p.s. I wouldn't really be able to shoot Hilter in the head because I'm a pansy and hate weapons. Instead I would give Hilter a stern talking to, surrender him to the authories and hope someone else would shoot him so my coin sales wouldn't be negatively affected.



Natazzz said...

Veggie cream cheese?

Isn't that a pleonasm? or should we be worried that regular cream cheese contains meat?

Or perhaps you meant vegan cream cheese. In that case: Ewww. Keep your toast.

Andro-boi said...

Cream cheese with veggies in it?

Her Girl said...

The ads for the commemorative coins piss me off. You know what else goes great with an inauguration? Ceramic Plates! I totally want to eat off of a picture of Obama's face. Who wouldn't?
I love veggie cream cheese too! It's really good on onion bagels.