Thursday, February 26, 2009

The NeverEnding Story Continue.

Some of you know that I'm OBSESSED with the 1980s film THE NEVERENDING STORY and some of you don't give a shit. :)

The Hollywood Reporter just announced that Warner Brothers is remaking this classic film. And as long as the hot Childlike Empress is in the movie then I'll be watching from the front row!

Well probably not the actual front row. I have a strong eye prescription and will have trouble seeing all the images on the screen if I sit that close. So I'll be watching from the middle back of the theater with a lot of excitement.


Below is the Kids Incorporated version on the film's bad-ass theme song:


you think? said... i looked it up on imdb to see all those little faces from when i was a kid..who knew...Fergie was a KidInc'er

Lola said...

I love Neverending Story. I could watch all 3 of them over and over. I don't understand the need for a remake, it's a total classic. When have remakes ever been even close to being as good as the original.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes...the neverending story. Pretty much wore out my copy as a kid, and cried each time the horse died. Acutally named my first horse Artax and it had to be white as well! I feel unsure about a remake--the muppet-type creatures made it all worthwhile!

Nicole said...

looks like you didn't go into a coma!!

NONtRENDY said...

Holy shit I LOVE that movie!
I even went to see the sequal (which was not as good....).
I was upset as a child because the title was the never ending story but it ended.

Random said...

So I'm not a complete geek after all (well maybe I am, but it seems like I'm not alone). I actally didn't think anyone but me had that obsession (with the movie that is...). I even read the book. Hmm. Ok. Sorry. Geek!

I so wanted my own Falcor (or a monkey - but I didn't get that either.)
I guess I would watch the remake. Just to see if they could actally pull it off.

As for the song...Sorry. Have to go with the original version. Where did Limahl go anyway?

Akaisha said...

What?! A new one?! NOOOOO! The old one is such a bizarre classic! Me and my sister sing the theme song all the freaking time.

yMarie said...

I've heard the theme song before. But I've never seen Never Ending Story. I feel like I'm missing out.
Maybe I'll watch the original before I see the new.

yMarie said...

I take that back!

I have seen it.