Thursday, February 19, 2009


Whilst walking home from my vegan lunch yesterday I saw a man standing in the middle of a busy intersection. I was concerned that maybe he was intoxicated and would wander into traffic and hurt him and others. I started to cross over to his side of the street to check on him and that's when I saw his... PENIS!

The guy pulled his penis out and started peeing in the street and on the cars that drove by and honked at him. This entire incident was traumatizing so I have decided to make a list of things I would rather see than this strange man's penis:

#1 Anything else in the entire world but his penis.
#2 A unicorn (or unicorns- in case there are unicorn families)
#3 A taping of the David Letterman.
#4 Hilary Clinton become president of the United States
#5 Legalized gay married for the world.



TheWeyrd1 said... least he was ONLY peeing. I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing penis being um...stroked in public...EWWWWWW!

yMarie said...

I don't even know what to say about that... That's just disgusting.

I'd rather see unicorn families... in my backyard.

frenchy kitten said...

you're right TheWeyrd1, i've seen more than a man peeing, and that's disgusting and traumatazing for a woman imagine what it should be for a kid.

Akaisha said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Nicole said...

Was this in Calgary, Alberta after Boxing Day? Because I pretty much encountered the same thing. Only, while the guy was peeing in the street, I was hitting on his girlfriend.

Thinker-Thought said...

I was driving down Hollywood Blvd just passed over Vine, in amazement that I was in California on Hollywood Blvd, when I looked over on the side walk to see a man with penis in hand peeing towards traffic. He didn't even have the decency to turn towards the wall and pee on it. Drunkards and bums in the St. Louis area at least try to be modest.