Monday, February 23, 2009

Barbara Walters Needs Another Lap Dance

Tonight marked the annual Barbara Walters post-Oscar special. Barbara interviewed the Jonas Brothers (umm why?), Anne Hathaway, Mickey Rourke and Oscar host, Hugh Jackman.

At the end of her interview with Hugh (yes, we're on a first name basis) Barbara requested that he give her a lap dance. The lap dance was an encore performance because Hugh previously gave Barbara a lap dance when he performed on Broadway in The Boy from Oz.

Although Barbara looks AMAZING for her age or anyone's age for that matter- if she asked me for a lap dance I would have to politely decline her request for gyration.

BUT below is a list of people that I WOULD give a lap dance to (with my spouses approval and a small fee, of course):

#1 Hillary Rodham Clinton
#2 Karman Kregloe

Ok that's the end of the list.
*Please note the above list is not necessarily in the correct order.
**Or is it?....

Who would you give a lap dance to?


Hot Pink Cupcake said...

In no particular order.

- Rachel Maddow
- Liz Feldman
- Bridget McManus & Karman Kregloe(together of course since they are married)
- Kate Moennig

yMarie said...

-Sara Quin

For reals. There is only one.

I could not give Barbara Walters a lap dance if my life depended on it. I would feel like I had just violated the woman.

pyewacket said...

Hmmm, after giving it some thought...and realizing I am always willing to do for others...when it comes to lap dances, I am more of a receiver than a giver.


PS, I had to turn away when Hugh started to comply with Barbara's wishes. I just think that no matter our age, there are some things we are not meant to see and one of those things is Barbara Walters getting and enjoying a lap dance.

Lola said...

Sadly I missed Barbara Walter's Special. I guess we were watching the pre-oscar show on E instead.

Just thinking about Barbara getting a lap dance makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

Of course I would need my partner's permission, but I think any of the following would be on my list:

-Gina Gershon
-Rachel Maddow
-Anyone from the L Word Cast.

Lainey said...

Marilyn Milian
Bridget McManus
Diane Lane