Sunday, March 15, 2009


I was just at BEST BUY and whilst the clerk was scanning my merchandise he announced over the intercom, "CODE 11. Serious CODE 11!"

Code 11? What's a Code 11? Was someone shoplifting or was getting disgruntle with a BB employee?

I was a little concerned so I asked the clerk, "What does code 11 mean?" and he said, "It means we need more employees to help cashier because the line of costumers in getting long."

That's it? That's a "Serious code 11"? That seems a little dramatic to me. And if that's code 11 then what's are codes 1 thru 10?

Here's are my top 3 Codes:

CODE #1 We are out of chocolate! I repeat, WE ARE OUT OF CHOCOLATE!

CODE #2 I have too much work to do and I need a nap.

CODE #3 Seriously, we are out of chocolate. Are we going to get so more soon?



TheWeyrd1 said...


yMarie said...


I just had an idea.

I'm going to start using Codes like the BB people do.

But don't other stores usually say "we need more cashiers" ?

Why is BB so special??

Okay. Code 2.

Lainey said...

Code 3 = We need more lesbians in the world....I repeat - more lesbians...

We'll never be Code 4 until there are equal rights FOR ALL!!!!!

Lola said...

Code 4 = We need more toasters.

Jamie said...

I have a guess...

I used to work at BestBuy here in Canada. The guys there used to announce "CODE 10s" over the radios.

They meant "hot female". ;)