Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm currently watching the Family Channel (why? I have no idea) which is showing 1999 romantic comedy NOTTING HILL starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. I'm not a fan of Julia or Hugh (yes, we're on a first name basis) but for some reason I've always really enjoyed this film and get sucked into watching it whenever it's on tv.

Here's the IMDB summary of NH, "A leading American actress accidentally meets an attractive, but unassuming British travel book seller and love immediately blossoms. However, fame and her American actor boyfriend gets in the way."

Straight romantic comedies aren't my first choice when selecting a film but here's a list of romantic comedies I can't help but loving:

-The Little Mermaid
-Bend it Like Beckham
-Monsoon Wedding



Rocket said...

Can I just say... Overboard. ALL TIME FAVORITE.

Great list.

diana said...

mmm...i'd say Bend It...that's a cute little movie.

Boo. said...
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Boo. said...

Amélie is a movie which makes you feel pure happiness.
Watching it makes my heart sing everytime (and it's not me being chauvinistic lol).

TheWeyrd1 said...

Okay...but does Bend it... really count as STRAIGHT. I mean seriously!

yMarie said...

Exactly Weyrd1!

Little Mermaid - seen it.
Bend it - seen it.

The others - No.

But someone has recommended Amelie to me.

Madison said...

I just discovered Amelie a week ago and I absolutely love it.

pyewacket said...


I, too, end up watching Notting Hill every time I catch it on television.

And I have wondered why.

There, I admit it.

For me, I think it is about the supporting cast. Hugh's small circle of friends and family are just the right mix of odd, quirky and endearing.

As for Julia and Hugh...whatever.