Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mating in the Wild!

My favorite blogger, Michael K from, posted this amazing video of a turtle "making love to" a sneaker.

I can't decide if this video is amazing or just a waste of 1:57 minutes of my life.


yMarie said...

i had to stop that video. lol

it's disturbing.

boy turtles shouldn't make those noises!

Lainey said...

OMG - its a good thing that turtle didn't get a hold of Cat's Hamburger Alarm Clock!

Ranran said...

i can't watch the video!



Solo said...

Bridget! That's gross!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty when I see turtles when I go hiking, I might leave my boots out and see what happens!

Isn't truth always stranger and better than fiction? Nature is crazy and amoral. I wonder where we get the righteous indignation from....definitely not the turtle gene on the evolutionary plane.

pyewacket said...

Awww, I feel a little sad for the turtle. He must be so lonely to be directing his love and desire toward an object that cannot return his affection. I don't think he is something to be giggled at as is happening in the vid.