Monday, April 13, 2009


Hi kiddies-

I'm performing at the University of Florida in Gainesville tonight and the venue has been changed. Due to the chance of rain the show will now be at the COLONNADE (which is next to theater and dance dept behind the Amphitheater)

Tickets are FREE!

Dare 2 Laugh: Comedy Night with Me and Daniel Leary.
Show time: 7PM
University of Florida, Gainesville
303 W University Ave
Gainesville, FL

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Shannon said...

Ugh... I'm bummed out. You're finally in Florida and I was still unable to see you.
One of these days Bridget, I will finally make it to a venue where you are at to see you perform!

I am sure that you killed it as always... 'cause you are raucously funny after all!