Monday, April 13, 2009

Question: Why the FUCK am I awake right now?

Multiple Choice:

A: Because I'm sharing a hotel room with Daniel Leary and he snores like a monster.

B: Because I'm on the east coast and my brain is still on west coast time.

C. I rarely ever sleep anyway so why am I making a big deal about not being asleep at 2:30AM.

D: I'm seriously going to smother Daniel if he doesn't stop snoring.

E: All of the above

Answer: E, All of the above.

I'm off to find a large pillow so I can smother Daniel and his big snoring male nostrils.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yep. The only time I considered mass murder was because of snoring. Backpacking is a male dominated activity and one time I was the only female with 8 other guys in this one shelter! You can imagine all the snoring! I thought about killing all of them throughout the night--I think I might have wrote them down in the shelter journal at some point. So, since I was awake for the stunning 4:45 am sunrise, I decided to wake the guys up by crying "Bear!". Being a light sleeper is a bitch. But those guys would never have heard an actual bear approach with all the racket!