Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi Kiddies!

The next installment of GHOSTELLA has been posted on FUNNYORDIE.COM. Yes, director Stacie Ponder is back in effect with her B-rate horror films and first up is the trailer for the upcoming feature, DEADLY DRESS 4: NEVER A BRIDE.

New characters must die as this deadly dress haunts the land but before there is bloodshed please go on the FOD website and vote that this video is "FUNNY".

DD4 stars Lena Headey, Bobbi Sue Luther, Heidi Martinuzzi and the one and only, Karman Kregloe as "the reporter"... oh, and me. I'm in it too.


Deadly Dress 4


Susanna said...

Ok,this video is hilarious. I just clicked on "funny".
Just to be on the safe side: I will never marry. At least I won't be wearing a dress. Perhaps in the nude?

SOLO said...

You guys are crazy funny. Great job, Bridgette!

yMarie said...

It's true, some dresses are just born evil. lol

Claire said...
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