Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breakup Jewelry

Thanks to the wonderful Bravo network I just saw an AWESOME commercial for a company that buys breakup jewelry so you can make money and move on with your life.

Wanna sell your ring from your broken engagement? Unload the earrings your ex-girlfriend bought you?


The company's concept is really smart it's just a little heartless.

The actress in the commercial was selling buckets of jewelry and she made so much money that she was reading through travel brochures. Apparently, she was going to travel the world with all her jewelry money. If you have that much jewelry to sell your main focus shouldn't be on getting rid of it, instead you should be focused on getting rid of all your STDs.



yMarie said...

or seek counseling and figure out why the hell you can't make a relationship work.

Anonymous said...

Chanti.no offer Smykker (Jewelry) and watches at prices down to 70 % below market prices.

a. g. hayes said...

Oh my god, I saw this commercial a few weeks ago and said "what the f*ck" out loud like 10 times...while laughing obnoxiously. I mean, seriously?