Saturday, May 16, 2009

RIP Ashley Olsen's career.

Ashley Olsen announced that she is retiring from acting...I know, I'm sad too.

I'm not sure how I can rebound from this devastating news but I'm going to try and keep trucking and eat a veggie burger for lunch. Wow, it's 3 o'clock already? Why haven't I had lunch yet?

Well, if Ashley needs a new career she could always go into incestuous lesbian porn. (see disturbing picture below) wtf?

Ashley Olsen is a quitter

Mary-Kate ashley olsen


Claire said...

Wasn't she the more talented one?

Maybe she just quit like Barbra Streisand or Celine Dion quits. I'll just be grateful that with all the cash the Olson empire has raked in, she should never need to start a career in twin porn.

Amelia Laney said...

Bridget McManus, you are the bee's knees. And if I ration it right, you might make me laugh every day of my life.

pyewacket said...

I still have no clue which is which. Am I the only one?

Susanna said...

Tonight I'm having a party to celebrate Ashley Olsen's retirement. You're all invited. The trip is a little expensive though: you should come to Italy.
P.S. When is her sister retiring?

yMarie said...