Thursday, May 7, 2009

Send out your mail IMMEDIATELY!

I went to the post office today to purchase a book of pretty stamps (I'm vain when it comes to my postage). When I asked the teller for a book he automatically handed me some generic liberty bell stamps which were not to my liking. I asked to see a variety of stamps and he responded "We don't have anymore since the stamp rate is going up starting this Monday."

What? Again? Didn't the rate just go up? Can you say government conspiracy? Can I ask a few more questions in this blog???

So if you have anything to mail send out before the weekend is over or else you'll have to pay the new higher rate. And use up your liberty bells. Ding. Dong.

forever stamp3


TheWeyrd1 said...

Bridget...the Liberty Bells are Forever stamps. What you pay today for them is irrelevant because they'll still work on Monday...and Tuesday...and next year. I say now is a good time to STOCK up on stamps at the lower price!!!

yMarie said...

I've known about this for the past month. I love sending letters to people just for the hell of it, so I buy a lot of stamps.
Not only did I know, but I wrote it down on my calendar!
So the price is going up by 2 cents on Monday, and I still have 15 stupid 42 cent stamps! I'm just as upset about it as anyone else. Or maybe more so.