Saturday, June 27, 2009

5 Things I Am Looking Forward To

No matter how you feel about Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett, these two artists have changed our culture and I feel badly for their mourning family and friends.

Since every channel is airing a biography on one of them I can't escape the sadness so I decided to make a list of: 5 Things I Am Looking Forward To!

(in no particular order)

#1 The next Harry Potter movie: HP and the Half Blood Prince. My cloak is ironed and ready.

#2 My sister's wedding. I bought my bridesmaid dress and tear-free mascara.

#3 Decorating my porch with plants and flowers. They have to be fake or plants I can't kill easily.

#4 My wife's birthday. Endless presents for the princess.

#5 California Gay Marriage on the 2010 Ballot. Fingers crossed it will turn out right this time.



Claire said...

#1 Me too! Well, except for the ironed cloak. I don't believe in ironing. Life's too short for that.

#2 Awesome! I didn't really get a chance to look forward to my bro's. Parents picked me up from college on a Sunday and told me he was getting married the following Sunday. Did well to find clothes, gift, and travel in that time.

#3 Philodendron perhaps? I've managed not to kill a few in my day.

#4 She's a Leo, right? So are my bro, his wife, and my niece- quite the posse.

#5 I believe it's doable. Gotta get those young liberals registered and to the polls and change minds when possible. I'd be tempted to relocate to CA for a few months for the vote.

Roxy said...

YAY for optimism and a bright light in these dark days!