Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brunch with Dee & Nekisa

Hi kiddies- BRUNCH is back! This week I have the two women who brought us the award-winning short film Pariah: director Dee Rees and producer Nekisa Cooper.

Dee and Nekisa talk about the making of Pariah, and their new documentary Eventual Salvation, which will air on the Sundance Channel in October and will screen at Brooklyn Academy of Music as a part of their Cinematek Program during the Afropunk Film Festival.

The real-life couple also talk about how they met and are challenged by my newest game, "How Well Do You Know Your Lesbian?" The results are shocking!

Please vote for Pariah in the Netflix "Find Your Voice" Film Competition. If Pariah wins, Dee will receive a $150,000 cash grant, production resources, and the film will be distributed on Netflix. (The film is currently in second place, so vote today!)

Click here to watch BRUNCH


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Susanna said...

These women are awesome.
I've just voted.