Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Whilst flipping thru the channels I came upon a television show called SUPERMODEL GOLF on the Asian Network. The premise of the show is Supermodels being taught how to golf. BRILLIANT!

This is the most literal show title in the history of the world. I didn't recognize any of the "Supermodels" so maybe the show should be demoted to "Model" Golf because there was nothing super about these women or the show.

p.s. I'm now watching CHEATERS.
What's wrong with me?

Below is the infamous clip of Bob Barker and Adam Sandler golf fighting in HAPPY GILMORE (I'm 100% sure this clip was taped from someone's television hence the glare):

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Susanna said...

Hi Bridget.
It doesn't have anything to do with supermodels, but have you seen the movie "Pat and Mike" with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy? Pat (Katherine Hepburn)is a great tennis and golf player except when her bossy, controlling dickhead of her fiancé is around (of course the dickhead guy is not Spencer Tracy, since he is always destined to be the true love of her life).
Pat is this close to winning the golf championship until the douche shows up and she gets flustered by his presence at the final holes.
Mike (Spencer Tracy) is her slightly sinister sports promoter and (of course) there's an attraction going on .

Now, Hepburn is a real supermodel (at least in my book)who plays golf. And she plays against a professional golfer, so she is definitely not a beginner.
There's the usual brilliant banter between her and Tracy, but they never seem to want to kiss or anything. It's just like in those Bollywood movies, where the guy and the girl always keep a safe distance between each other. God forbid that they might feel the urge to get physical:) On the other hand, making out on mountain tops could be slightly problematic( Indians usually go to Switzerland to shoot these scenes) But I digress(digression is my strong suit).
Ten minutes before "Pat and Mike" ends, Hepburn and Tracy still haven't so much as hinted at the fact that they have the hots for each other. Everything is so platonic between them that by now you might be wondering whether they are going to drink a magic potion or something. Because it's imperative that they eventually end up together. And you find yourself yelling :"Do something!"
Sorry for my ramblings, especially if you have already seen this movie.
I just wanted to stress the fact that Katherine Hepburn was a great golfer, but then I got carried away. As usual.