Monday, June 22, 2009

WTF is Obama Defending DOMA for?

My friend Dara Nai is the editor in chief at the new gay website

Dara asked me to write a blog about Obama's administration defending the DOMA, the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, a law he promised to repeal when he was running for president. It states that ONLY marriage exists between a man and a woman.

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WTF Obama?

Photo by Paige Bernhardt.

p.s. Is that Halle Joel Osmond?
Prop 8 Protest 52609


diana said...

You look truly pissed there....and you should be. Well done with the blog.

Lainey said...

Bridget -

You said it accurately when you said "he needs to be a human first & a politician second". That's exactly why I voted for him, because I really thought that's what he'd be. He gets our vote then turns on us?

There's things in the world I'll never understand! Like the article I recently read where a man raped a 4 year old girl & got some ridiculous one year sentence for the crime. Yet, another man found guilty of burglary got some 20 year sentence. (Both articles hit the web the same day mind you).

People in some of the most powerful positions - where are their hearts, their common sense, & their moral obligation to do what's fair & just? They're held to a higher standard in these types of positions. WTF? Obviously, their vision gets real blurry at high altitudes, loosing all sense of morality, truth & common sense.

I'm in my mid 40's Bridget & sadly, I don't think things are going to turn around during my lifetime. I do believe they eventually will! Absolutely I do! I've never given up hope. But by the time that happens, my 13 year old niece will be my age. Its such a long road & we have so far to go with this. Its just like when woman weren't allowed to vote. They were beaten, jailed, & even killed for defending their right to be able to vote. And today, you're encouraged to vote not as a man, not as a woman, but as a human being. "Let your voice be heard. Get out & vote" they say. Then after you've voted, you get your "I Voted" sticker. I think of those woman every time i receive that sticker.

Our road is long & we need to keep fighting, keep getting our voices heard. Continue to pave a path that eventually will be!!!

LizzyP said...

Nice pic! Wooo

Lainey said...

Hi Bridget -

I came across this article & wanted to share it with you. I hope its okay that I post the link. If its not, please accept my apologies! I just wanted to share it with you because its things like this I hope will diminish as we continue to pave a path that eventually will be.|main|dl1|link6|