Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's WRONG with People? Part 2

It's not secret that I'm not a big fan of children. I don't hate them I just don't want them for myself because raising a child is, I believe, is the biggest responsibility in the entire world! People shouldn't take having children lightly and when they do I want to punch them in the face.

Sadly, there was another story on today about a woman who "didn't know she was pregnant" (really?) and suddenly gave birth into a toilet. The woman then left the newborn in the waste tank covered in a blue antibacterial chemical agent. The baby is in stable condition but I'm sure it will be traumatize for life knowing it was literally thrown away upon arrival into this world. The woman has been charged but she might be too stupid to know that's a bad thing.

Dear straight people-

Please don't have sex and have babies if you don't really want them. And if you're too stupid to know you're pregnant then you should kill yourself because there is no use for you in society.


p.s. I don't usually pray but I will pray for that baby....and a black porsche.

Toilet baby



TheWeyrd1 said...

And yet over at AE the debate rages on about HOW Natalia on Guiding Light could have no idea she was pregnant for the last 4 months. On the other hand, she probably isn't, because GL is a soap opera. Oh, and the writers of that particular storyline (Otalia) have been WAY TOO SMART about this two women in love with each other story. Yeah,'s a stupid straight woman phenomena...heh.

Vikki said...

These are the stories that really piss off lesbians who are going through hell to get pregnant.

Claire said...

Don't most places (US) have safe haven laws so you can drop newborns at hospitals without penalty? Do that for fuck's sake!

Sonianv said...

WTFruit!!! How can the woman not know she was pregnant. There is a difference between fat fat and pregnant fat. How could she not realized it?!

WTFruit! How old was she? 5 that she doesn't know what happens when you don't use protection and your period doesn't come. Come on!!!

Susanna said...

Maybe she was raised by wolves,
OR she lived with the Amish, who obviously didn't want to teach her "the facts of life". There was no television, so she couldn't watch any after school specials or "Grey's Anatomy".
P.S. I'd rather be raised by wolves than by any religious fundamentalist groups.

luispquis said...

i think that's a bit harsh bridget. women actually give birth all the time and haven't known they're pregnant. a lot of women can continue to have their periods all through their pregnancies, and it's really common for the baby to hardly show at all. obviously i'm in complete agreement that it's a horrendous thing to do to leave your baby in a toilet, but you don't really know anything about that women's state of mind or life. not having a go at you but a little compassion goes a long way!