Saturday, August 22, 2009

Come Out Countdown

As an ex-closeted gay person, I know the before and after of being out to my family and friends. My life is 1,000,000 times better and freer after coming out to everyone in my life. Even though it took time for my mother to come around I was one of the lucky ones to have an accepting support network. Right now is a pivotal time for the queer community. Most states don't have legalized gay marriage or gay adoption and I believe we have strength in numbers. We need to be active to make a difference.

So I offer up a challenge. My wife calls it a "Pepsi" challenge but I call it the "Come Out Countdown".

In one years time, I challenge 1,000 new or closeted gays to come out. When you've done the grand deed, tell us all about it here.

Please Post :

#1 Your first name
Your age
The state/country where you live
The date that you came out

The first person to post will be #1 (as above) and please continue numbering after that.

One year from today, August 22, 2010, I'll tally up the results and see if we hit (or surpassed) our goal.

LGBTQ visibility matters and your heroism will inspire and change the world. (If you're already "out" Congratulations, but this isn't for you. Please only post if you have come out on or after August 22, 2009- this is for the new gays!)

Good luck and don't be scared. Being gay is AWESOME!



Ava said...
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Ava said...

#1 - Ava James
25 years old
NSW Australia
22 August 2009, about ninety minutes ago
(and for some reason my comment before said it wasn't posted, but then it did)

-Kat- said...
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Laura said...

#3- Laura P.
16 years old
North Carolina, USA
I think it was September of 2007.

Nia said...

#4 - Nia Jones
17 years old
London, England
March 2009
Friends all know, just my family left to tell.

QuantiaC said...
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sabrina-13 said...

#6 Sabrina Kaufmann
19 years old
2006 to some friends, later to my mum

CantThnkStr8 said...

#7 - Tiffany Russ
20 years old
New York, USA
February 2009 (and just yesterday I told my mother)

Skinny Arbuckle said...

#8 - G.Charles
42 years old
Hollywood, CA
I came out on May 16, 2005

Mari said...

#8- Mari B.
24 yrs old
California, USA
September 2008
I haven't looked back since, get a huge kick out of telling everyone that I am gay, and my girlfriend is just the same!

domtrrs said...

#9 - Dominique Torres
15 years old
Sometime in 1999 when I told my mom I had a girlfriend in my kindergarten class.

Emuh said...

#10-Emma aka Emuh Bainbridge

21 years old

Co. Down, Ireland

First time 1993 I kissed my BFF and decided to be a "lesembean"

Offical out date:


I accidentally came out to my mother by yelling "I'M GAY!!" down the phone in order to get out of church on christmas day....Jesus ftw!

out and proud and wearing flannel!

frenchy kitten said...


my grand farther knew it when i was 6 but my parents finally accept it 3 years ago

AshleeLeilani said...

#12 ~ Ashlee S.
18 years old
Scottsdale, AZ
March 21-22, 2009
(I told my mom & best friend over a two day span. Ever since, friends know, still working up the courage to tell my whole family)

Chax said...

#13 - Teresita González C.
35 years old
I think it was 2002
(to both my parent, my sisters knew years before)

estuff said...

Really? What is so confusing about "Please only post if you have come out on or after August 22, 2009- this is for the new gays!" ????

Sarah said...

since there only seem to be other posts that don't really fit to Bridget's Countdown rules...

#2 Sarah
22 years old
Bremen, Germany
date I came out: this morning - 28 August 2009

(Thank you Bridget! Your "Come Out Countdown" challenged me to come out to my (prior homophobe) best friend and she's ok with it!!!)

Marin said...

#3 Marin
Aug 22, 2009.

I kind of had an idea I was maybe gay before then and had told some friends about my "girl crush," but it wasn't until I read this post that I realized it was more than just a "girl crush," it was that I LIKE GIRLS/WOMEN and not men! That I'd like to have a WIFE someday not a husband. So, I told my brother (who is also gay), and my stepbrother.

Thanks Bridget!

Ana Lucía said...

Is it just me or almost NON of you guys understood Bridget´s request and u posted even though you came out BEFORE August 22, 2009.


By the way, I haven´t come out yet but I´m posting this since the whole countdown was ruined anyway.
I recomend that you all get some reading comprehension lessons, since even I(and I live in Guatemala and English is not my mother language) understood the whole thing and u didn´t.

Carly said...
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MFEO said...

#No clue. But the bottom says four. So I'm assume 5. Which is not even 1% (if my math is correct) STEF!
16 (years.)
Minooka, Illinois (we're called a village, wiki it.)
22 December 2009 (TWO Days ago!)

p.s. I don't think you'll get 1000 posts. But I think 1000 people will have came out. Just not posted here for you. Because people do not know about it (this blog post.)
Dayyyummm this was dragged out.
But it's okay.
Happy Christmas Eve ! (Or Christmas depending on your timezone!)

Brave_Little_Toaster said...

#6 Ashleigh
15 Years old
Melbourne, Australia
17 December

First I told my friends when I was 12 (ongoing, although all of my close friends know), and on November 15th of this year 2009 I told my brother and on the 17 of December I told my mum. My brother told my sister (and all of his friends, lol)
Was going to tell my cousins and Auntie at Christmas as per my brother's suggestion but everyone else said I shouldn't.

Tarryn, in Flannel said...

#I don't know..
17 years old
South East England
3 February 2010

Now my mom finallyyyy knows :]

Courtney said...
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Courtney Alwine said...
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