Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I miss my Big-Wheels

When I was a kid I had a Big-Wheels, known as the "King of the Sidewalk for 40 Years!" I use to ride that pink and blue masterpiece back in forth between driveways in the neighborhood and almost got hit by a car many times. Most of my riding memories end with my mother running out of the house screaming, "Watch out!" and then having a car swerve and just miss me. Wait, why didn't my mom take my Big-Wheels away the first time that happened?

Maybe she took out a baby insurance policy on me?....

Anyway, now a days kids have bigger and better toys than ever before. BEHOLD: The Mercedes 2 Seater made for 3 year olds +. For only $499.99 (before taxes) you can get your very own high-end faux German automobile with built in radio and chrome front grill (seriously?). This "toy" goes 5 miles per hour (umm that's kinda fast) and carries up to 132 lbs. If your 3 year old weighs 132 lbs you need to take them on Oprah.

I am so disturbed by this mini luxury car, not only because it's nicer than my Jeep but because the maker is encouraging these kids to take their toy off-roading. WHAT? Does this car require insurance and annual smog checks too?

I miss my Big-Wheels...

Go Off-Roading in Your Own Mercedes 2-Seater

Listen to your favorite tunes on the real FM radio as you cruise in your Mercedes G55 2-Seater SUV. The car has two forward speeds (2.5 and 5 mph) and 1 reverse speed (2.5 mph). Has chrome front grill and adjustable seat with pretend seat-belt. Includes MPL plug in with speaker. Parental supervision and safety gear required. Maximum capacity 132 lbs. Size 51¼"l x 30¾"w x 29½"h, Weight 87 lbs. (Age 3+)

Manufacturer requires 2-5 business days to process all orders. Please note that orders placed with expedited shipping will take priority and ship as quickly as possible.

Mercedes G55 2-Seater
Item #: 8280W
Our Price: $499.99



Claire said...

As if a Mercedes for kids isn't fucked up enough, a two-seater for a 3 yr old is nuts. If they crash with a friend with only "pretend seat-belts" ... I can just picture the lawsuits and reckless endangerment claims...

I miss my Big Wheel too. And my awesome batmobile which was a variation; instead of a steering wheel it had two levers, one to your left, the other to your right, for steering. Wish I could find a pic of it...

SoulWhispers said...

I miss my Big Wheel too. I rode mine until there were holes in the plastic wheels from trying to skid so much.