Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mia Kirshner's I LIVE HERE Fundraiser

On Saturday, August 22, the lovely and talented Mia Kirshner is hosting the I LIVE HERE Fundraiser and BRUNCH WITH BRIDGET is a proud sponsor of this event.

This is a very important benefit aiding one of the world's poorest countries, Malawi, where nearly 20 of its population has AIDS, leaving many children orphaned.

Many orphans are arrested for petty crimes and sent to the Kachere juvenile prison located in Malawi's capital. The prison is overcrowded, has a shortage of food, and has unsanitary living conditions. These children are in crisis. If you are free on Saturday, August 22, to attend, or are willing to donate online, please know 100% of the proceeds go to the Malawi Literacy Project.

Below are all the details.

Saturday, August 22 from 7pm-11:30pm
969 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica, CA
Donations can be made and tickets can be purchased at:

The L Word - Season 4

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