Thursday, August 20, 2009

Signs you are a dick!

Sometimes people aren't aware of themselves. They might not mean to be rude or annoying but they are. Since I'm constantly trying to better myself here are 10 reasons you might be a dick.

1. You smoke a pipe in public. Only Sherlock Holmes is allowed to smoke that stinky thing. Bubble pipes are ok though.
2. You ride your bike on the sidewalk in the city when you're supposed to be on the street.
3. You send mass emails out daily. I don't want to go to a circuit party nor do I care about parking lot rapists.
4. You park your car in two parking spaces. Share bitches!
5. You smoke a cigar in public. Not as bad as a pipe but still awful.
6. You rap out loud to yourself in public and you're not a rapper. Stop it! It's weird!
7. You have a handicap sticker on a car worth over 60K and you're not handicapped. You're a dick!
8. You do construction or make any kind of loud noise before 7am. You're a big dick!
9. You cut people in line. Be aware of yourself and wait your turn.
10. Pushy parents with entitled children. Just because you're sluts and can't afford birth control doesn't mean you get special treatment. Why do you think your stroller should cut the line?

The more you know...

Have a super day!



Jen said...


TheWeyrd1 said...

Two parking space users piss me off...I concur.

-Kat- said...

Gah! I use to send mass emails . . . almost daily...
And it did include the one about parking lot rapists! XD