Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have good news and bad news...

My Ipod hasn't been working for awhile, probably because I dropped it one too many times, so I made an appointment at the Mac Store to get it repaired. The Mac "genius technician", (that's what they call them, geniuses!) told me he had good news and bad news for me.

I asked to hear the bad news first. The bad news was my Ipod was not repairable and my warranty had expired.

umm...that's pretty bad.

I asked to hear the good news. The good news was he was going to give me a new Ipod for free. For Free??? Then I asked the "genius" What's the catch was? He said, "No catch. Your new Ipod has a 90-day warranty."

This guy might not be a "genius" but he is super nice. Because of his niceness I saved $300 by not having to buy a brand new Ipod. YIPPEE!

I felt so successful with my errand running that I decided to get an oil change. My Jeep requires the generic oil for $40 not that fancy stuff. Of course my Jeep decided to be in a "mood" and it needed a bunch of additional work done. My $40 oil change quickly turned into $200. But I couldn't complain since I did get a free Ipod.

The moral of this story is that Mac needs to start making Jeeps.



Audrey said...

Wait. Why did you get a free Ipod???

Ariel said...

Is it a refurbished one? That happened to me, too. I wish I still had my music, but it was great not to pay a few hundred dollars for a new one!