Sunday, November 8, 2009

"From Fab to Fug" ?!?!?!

Whilst reading US Magazine (my first mistake), I came across a blog in the Style & Beauty section called "FROM FAB TO FUG."

In this "remarkable" piece of journalism beautiful actresses are called "fug" (short for "fucking ugly") for transforming into "unattractive" characters in their movies. wow I am really using a lot of quotes in this blog...

I'm not sure who at US Magazine is deciding who's fug and who isn't, but apparently Frida Kahlo and her unibrow are on the bad list.

Number 10 on the list is Thandie Newton who turns "fug" by transforming into Condoleeza Rice in the film "W." I'm a left wing liberal but come on! You can't call Condy fug!

Seriously, now that's harsh...

p.s. When did US Magazine become junior year in high school?
p.s.s. More importantly, why do I read the site if it upsets me so much?

From FAB to FUG!



nina. said...

i love how they call this fug.


Tiburón said...

Frida? Are you kidding me? She may have had that unibrow and little mustache thing, but Frida Kahlo was a brilliant and beautiful woman and it's a shame she wasted so much time in that train-wreck of a relationship with Rivera. But i suppose that's how artists love their love.