Sunday, December 13, 2009

BRUNCH with Sick of Sarah & Billie Myers

On the newest BRUNCH WITH BRIDGET musicians seem to be popping up everywhere.

First up, British singer/songwriter Billie Myers stops by in her pjs to discuss her new album "Tea & Sympathy" and rocks a round of Truth or Dare.

Next up the Brunch theme song girls, Sick of Sarah's Abisha and Jamie perform live in the "Brunch" studio and introduce the world premiere of their new video for "Paint Like That" (created by animator Jodi Sandler).

Jessica and Seth are back and Dance Magic (aka Heaven in a Leotard) move us once again...

Brunch with SOS & Billie Myers



1 comment:

Laura said...

OMG! I loooove Billie Myers. Right off to watch Brunch :O)