Saturday, December 5, 2009

Please Vote!

Somehow I was nominated as "Favorite Comedian of the Year" by Chase Me I'm not sure what this means but winning must be good- right? Please click the below link and vote for me...and "pretend" for a second that I'm funnier than Chris Rock.





Laura said...


You look like your winning so far. woo hoo!

Mari said...

Bang one more vote for you from Portugal! Love u Bridget! :)

jessica said...

Basically what that means is , If Bridget wins she will have a permanent spot in the sites hall of fame. She will be contacted for promotional spots on tv or radio During the 2010 promo-tour. So for instance " If CMB does a show on Tyra they would bring a couple of the winners to do their acts for her viewers." The winners will be announce this Sunday @ 9pm eastern Live @ & Ustream. Feel Free to contact us @ or for more details & Good Luck! Like U need it (;